Sunday, June 30, 2013

You are approaching the future...

Thinking about the futureThis sign is at the National Museum in Canberra.

This is one of my favourite museums.   They have really really interesting exhibitions, an excellent permanent exhibition and an amazing building.  I think the building builds excitement as you walk towards it seeing the curve of orange towering above you.  There are lovely views over the lake as well.

This sign is on the way to part of the museum.  I thought it was asking an excellent question for the end of blogjune.  I thought it was suggesting a proactive rather than a passive approach to the future.  It is also suitably ambiguous as we all make and are made by our environments.  It seems to require conscious action.

It has been another fun blogjune. I am still catching up with lots of fabulous posts written by many amazing people - so part of my future will be reading more blogjune posts.

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