Monday, October 16, 2017

Mossman Library, Queensland

The entrance to Mossman Library had a local studies display supporting a recently released book. Mossman Library, Queensland
 With some detailed information on display. Mossman Library, Queensland
 Part of the library was a quiet zone (and it was interesting how this was described). Mossman Library, Queensland
 I don't usually comment about books sales in libraries, but this was a good one. It was tidy. It was not in the entrance of the library. I don't like to see book sales dominate the entrance to libraries, especially when messy, but even when neat as it detracts from the loan items, and there should be better use made of entrance spaces to libraries. Mossman Library, Queensland
 You can see more of the library here Mossman Library, Queensland
 and here.
  Mossman Library, Queensland

Monday, October 9, 2017

Cooktown Library, Queensland

Cooktown Library is a nice looking library.

Cooktown Library, Queensland
There was this welcome outside the library.
Cooktown Library, Queensland

Plus an ebook promotion
Cooktown Library, Queensland

You can see more photographs of Cooktown Library here
Cooktown Library, Queensland

Monday, October 2, 2017

ice cream and social media

I liked the way this ice cream company provided their social media information on site.  It was easy to see, and they were making it easy to share photographs and to follow them. This is more helpful than 'find us on [insert name of social media]'.
  Signs and information, Daintree Ice Cream Company 
There were other signs too,  to provide more information about the fruit being used.  I like the way this open air storage had fruit names included.  The ice cream was great too.
  Signs and information, Daintree Ice Cream Company

Friday, September 29, 2017

thinking about the ideas of safe in libraries for #glamblogclub

As Terry Pratchett wrote in Soul Music
The Library didn't only contain magical books, the ones which are chained to their shelves and are very dangerous. It also contained perfectly ordinary books, printed on commonplace paper in mundane ink. It would be a mistake to think that they weren't also dangerous, just because reading them didn't make fireworks go off in the sky. Reading them sometimes did the more dangerous trick of making fireworks go off in the privacy of the reader's brain. This quote demonstrates the safety to explore a wide range of ideas in libraries.

Thinking about this post and the idea of libraries as safe places has also made me think back to my post about silence as some of those who are silent/silenced in the library may also not feel that that library is safe, or that it saves their stories for the community. 

There has been a lot of discussion about libraries being neutral places (for example this and this). I am not convinced that libraries have ever really been neutral, as often it is those who have not been excluded who are writing about the neutrality of libraries.The discussion of neutrality is not always accompanied by discussion of libraries as safe places.  Sometimes it is not possible for the library to be both safe and neutral, and safe should not be sacrificed.  Safe was sacrificed for decades in libraries in the south in the USA (Not Free, Not for All: Public Libraries in the Age of Jim Crow - is an amazing and disturbing book to read) although they also may not have said they were neutral.  This is true in other places around the world where there have been (or maybe still are) restrictions on who can use the space, or the library intimidates (by the building, by the staff...).  Libraries should be safe places to go to.

They should be safe places to explore ideas, without risk of harm.  Libraries should also make sure their client data is safe, and that as much other data as possible is open for people to use.  Digitising and collecting digital content can be ways to make information available (but often isn't as people choose copyright over open creative commons licenses). If your organisation owns the copyright on something, they can choose to make it widely available while it is still in copyright.

Maker spaces are a great way for people to explore ideas and to experiment (and yet they need to safe so that people are not injured). Libraries should be safe for staff (think work health safety, not bullied, support from managers) and all who use them (in the library and online).

The tweet, below, shows libraries as a safe place to explore literacy.

Read more about Dr Carla Hayden, and the importance of libraries as safe places (repositories). There continues to be much destruction of libraries, both by war and by neglect (including inadequate funding).

Neil Gaiman says "Libraries really are the gates to the future" (go and read the whole article here) Libraries should be a safe place to explore a wide range of ideas, and this includes through collections, services and programs, and this can lead to a very wide range of outcomes.  There is much more to ponder on this idea, but I am almost out of September to write it in.