Friday, June 28, 2013

Put your sign where it matters

Podcast information This sign is encouraging people to download podcasts about the western MacDonnell Ranges, and other national parks in the Northern Territory.  This sign is in a location with mobile coverage.  This is really sensible.

Many national parks do not have mobile coverage and it would be really irritating to see this sign in one of those places.
Seeing it where there is mobile coverage, so you could actually download the podcasts is excellent.

Do you have any signs designed to irritate?  Or are they like this one, in the right place and even including the url to make it really easy to find the podcasts?

It worked well as a promotion to, letting people know about different places they could go in national parks.

You can see the links to the stories here. (Note there are a few issues about the names of the stories).

I also like the sharing element.

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