Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dolly the reading pig at East Baton Rouge Parish Library

I recently came across the social medial work being done by East Baton Rouge Parish Library. You can see the links to the various sites down the side of their website. I also like the way they are using cross promotion - for example of Instagram on their Pinterest boards, and their Poe-terest board to help promote their one book one community series. I think that board is impressive (and not just because of the wonderful name). I have embedded the image of the reading big - just for sheer joy.

Monday, October 7, 2013

How to connect with the National Maritime Museum

Apologies for the dodgy photograph. You can still see the way the National Maritime Museum wants people to connect with them. Great to see this promotion in the museum.

Connecting with exhibition at the National Maritime Museum

Lovely to see the way the National Maritime Museum is encouraging interacting with an exhibition - and there was an Instagram competition as well.

Online shopping - instore promotion

Online shopping by ellen forsyth
Online shopping, a photo by ellen forsyth on Flickr.

I saw this recently at the supermarket. I like the way it explains what the staff member is doing, but also is a promotion for another way to shop.

Social media information for #artandabout

I have really been enjoying the way it is so easy to connect with Art and about via social media. I like the way that there are pillars and signs near the various artworks telling me how to connect. They don't expect me to go to a website, but are telling me while I am at the place I may want to take a photograph of and share online, or tweet about. This is impressive, but we should see more of it too.