Friday, June 21, 2013

more connections

How to connect with the Desert Park at Alice Springs A constant theme in this blog is how can people connect to your organisation, and how can they find out about how to do this.

Social media connections should be listed (in an easy to find way) on the web site.  As they are for the Alice Springs Desert Park.

They also need to be listed on site, as maybe someone has not used your website, or maybe they did not care about connecting until they were onsite.

I was impressed by this sign.  It promotes events coming up, but also lets me know three ways I can connect with the park (as well as where the toilets are).  All important information.  It evens mentions the funding authority (always a good idea).

Do you make it as easy as this for people to find you on social media, when they are in your library?

This is something Vivid did really well - as you can see below.

How to connect with #vividideas They wanted you to connect and they were making it very easy to do.

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