Friday, June 7, 2013

"Polite line - do not get cross"

Polite line - do not crossThis photograph was also taken at Cockatoo Island, during Outpost.

It shows an art work which had a lot of people doing double takes, once they actually read the words.

It seems a good reminder about customer service (amongst other things), and that as staff we need to keep in mind the polite line, and try not to get cross.

We might be having a bad day, the person in front of us (and they may be standing there, be on the phone or online) may be contributing to it or it could be the result of something which happened earlier, even elsewhere.  It actually does not matter.  It may help to keep an image of these words show on the polite tape.  It may be enough to help you collect yourself, and be able to assist a client, or otherwise do what you need to do.

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