Saturday, June 1, 2013

I will be participating in #blogjune

Free wifiIt seems a good idea, but I know that at times during June I will struggle with the daily posts, and some may be posted one or two days later.

I thought I would focus on signage (previous years have looked at libraries I would like to visit, and sources of inspiration).   There may be posts on other topics, and thirty days of posts on signs seems scary to me (as well as any readers).

This is my starting image.  It is some of the best wifi signage I have seen, and it was in the food court of Westfield at Burwood NSW.  All around the white area, there were hanging signs saying free wifi.  While looking at these it struck me that wifi is not always as obvious in public places.

This kind of sign really puts wifi in the public toilet category - in that they both should be free, with no barriers to use (no sign in required), they should be well maintained (fast wifi, clean toilets), and they should be available in lots of accessible public places - and you should have signs telling you where they are, rather than having to guess.

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