Wednesday, June 19, 2013

using signs to tell stories

Telling a story of refurbishmentThese panels were in the foyer of a hotel in Brisbane.  They were telling the story of the refurbishment of the rooms, as well as letting you know the colour scheme.

The fabric panels above the beds were stylised maps of the Brisbane River and its path through the city.

I think this information served a few purposes.  It was letting people know, while they were still in the hotel foyer, that the rooms were refurbished.

It was also telling the story of Brisbane.

This hotel had river views from many rooms, and they were helping visitors connect from where they were staying, to the city.  It was impressive looking at the artwork of the river and then looking out at the river and city.

I liked this idea for a few reasons.  The refurbishment was nice, but I really liked being told the story about it as well.  It helped me further connect to the environment.

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