Monday, September 24, 2018

How easy do you make it for people to know the hashtags to share about your library?

I like it when hashtags are easy to find.  The top picture shows how the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney makes it easy for people to find their hashtag.  It is in various places through the gardens.  You can see how people are using #rbgsydney.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Sign in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney showing the hashtag they are encouraging people to use
The picture below shows part of a page from Pompom, a knitting magazine, and each knitted item has its own hashtag.  Using the example of #ixchelpullover, you can see, as well as the magazine images, people sharing their own knitting.
hashtags in Pompom magazine
Picture of a page in Pompom magazine, where each knitted item has a hashtag.