Friday, June 6, 2014

You can't always be there...

The National Theatre in England does live streaming of some of their productions.  Earlier this year I saw Coriolanus that way.

This meant I could see the work of Josie Rourke, a totally amazing director, as well as an incredible cast.  It wasn't the same as being there. When I go to the theatre I try to sit in the first few rows from the stage (and I only go to performances with people who enjoy sitting so close to the action), so no live streaming was going to match that, was impressive.  You did feel the energy of the live production, and it enabled me to see a performance which even if I had been in London I may not have been able to see, because the tickets sold out so fast.  It would be great if performances like these could be streamed in more locations.

This highlighted to me the value of streamed library services.  It is not the same as being there, but it can still be really impressive.  Are there library service you can stream to your community?

Look at what Sacramento Public Library is doing.

They have a Game of Thrones hangout coming up you might like to try, with a daytime time zone.

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