Wednesday, June 4, 2014

143 books to read in summer 2014 - really?

The headline "143 books to read in summer 2014" came through my zite feed and depressed me. I realise that it is a way of saying there are lots of wonderful books to read over the next few months. It briefly made me feel that I was a reader without hope.  I am sure it did not mean to.

I read, but unless they were 143 picture books there is no way I could read 143 books over a few months.  If they are 143 "big fat fantasy" titles, that would be a much longer time.  Looking at the list, and it is an interesting one, they are not titles you could read in 143 evenings (if you were kind of taking a book a day approach).

This is a lovely list, which did not have the desired effect of excitement.  It highlights the challenge of how you promote lots and lots of exciting things.  This headline implied I needed to read them all, but really they were giving me a lovely choice, which it took a while for me to see (being blinded by the inability to read 143 titles in a few months).

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  1. Summer is a more motivational time - they're upbeat because the weather is nice! If it was a Winter article it would be "5 books to read in Winter and then sleep".