Thursday, June 5, 2014

3D printing and history

A few days ago I shared this video on twitter, it is a 3D printing of the crown of Henry VIII.
I shared it because of the history element.  I thought how interesting it would be if schools around the world who had to study history of the Tudors could be able to access this technology as part of learning about the past.  I was interested to receive a very negative tweet about this, which lead to this blog post.

Most students of Tudor history are not going to have the luxury of seeing this crown, or many other historical object up close, and 3D printing is a way to access some elements of history. Imagine being able to hold replicas of key museum items.

The robot tours at the Australian National Museum are another was to get up close to museum materials (and the tours are impressive).

I think using creative approaches to how information is provided are important, and libraries have a key role in that.

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