Thursday, June 28, 2012

scanning for shopping or scanning for library information?

I have written about this before, because it seems a great way to connect people with library content, without people having to be closer to the library than via whatever mobile device they are using.  I still think it is a great idea, which is why I keep photographing it.

It can make the library visit much more location based, and could have interesting collaborations between libraries, as well as by libraries and other cultural institutions.

Scanning for shopping
I really like the idea of a location based library experience (which currently is usually available only if I am in a library), but which could be available anywhere, informing me of resources which relate to the history of the area, or suggesting books or ebooks for loan, or connecting me with digitised images, oral histories and so much more.  There are very exciting ideas for libraries to explore in this area.

It is a way also of promoting that there is a library app which is has relevant tools as people are encouraged to download the app, and can try it on the spot, with prompts.  Easy.

You can see a few more photographs of this through the link below.

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