Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get glue

GetGlue is an online community where you share what you are reading, watching, playing, or even thinking about.  You check in.  You can use your facebook login, or set up a separate account.  You can link to Facebook and twitter so you can share your interests more widely, or you can keep them within the GetGlue community.  Your interests can be public or private.  It also has an app so you can check in when you are out and about and let people know what is of interest to you.
I started exploring this to see if it would work with some things for work.  Not everything that you read, watch, play will be on GetGlue, but a large range is, so it is a possibility in a suite of twitter related tools.  I have been tweeting some of my reading from with GetGlue (as people who follow me on twitter would know).  There are a series of badges which you can be awarded like game points for activities such as checking in a certain number of times to a particular author, game or television program.   There are levels of fandom, some are even promoted by the publishers of the works.  It is a popular culture social connection site.  Not only can you see what people you know are reading, watching or playing, once you check in to a particular book, game, movie or television program you can see who else has checked in as reading, playing or watching the same title.  This opens the discussion to strangers who are interested in the same things that you are which is similar to other social media tools.
I think there are big possibilities for readers advisory work, but you have to be part of the Get Glue community to really participate, and it does not seem to have a big following amongst Australian library workers.  There are a growing number of Australians using this.  I have noticed this with some of the checking in I have been doing.
It works as a community of interest connecting you to people you know as well as people who are reading, playing, watching, thinking about the same kind of things as you.

I am enjoying GetGlue and the ideas it can contribute because of the people who are using it to connect.

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