Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moosewood Collective

This is the people working and running a restaurant in Ithaca, in update New York.  They also write amazing recipe books.  This is impressive for a range of reasons:
  • this collective has been effective for many years
  • there are incredible, creative recipes for vegan, vegetarian (with a few for pescitarians)
The Famous Moosewood Restaurant
You can see some of their recipes on their blog,  but most are in their recipe books.  Just a note there are a couple of books written by someone using the collective knowledge, but making personal profit - I don't use use these.  The books written by the collective are best.

If you ever are in Ithaca, NY make sure you go to Moosewood.  While you are there visit the Ithaca Bakery (totally amazing bread) and Purity Icecream.

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