Friday, June 22, 2012

early thoughts on rebelmouse

I found out about RebelMouse because I went to hear Cory Doctorow talk.  He mentioned Peter Black, who I started following on twitter, and he tweeted about his use of RebelMouse

At this stage you have to ask for an invite, which I did for a work related social media channel and for myself at the same time.  My invite came through in less than 48 hours and the work related one still hasn't.  I have no idea of the criteria.  I am hoping the other invite comes through because it will have some interesting potential for collaboration.

I am enjoying it.  You have to remember that it is not showing all of your tweets - just the ones with some kind of visual element, so it works well for tweeted websites and images, and not text only.  Yesterday I was tweeting all day at a conference, and less than a dozen of the tweets showed up on RebelMouse.  I realise that this is not necessarily a problem.

I like RebelMouse as it provides a different way of looking at tweets. 

Go to RebelMouse and ask for your invite - and see what you think about it.

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