Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kings Comics

More accurately I should say the folk at Kings ComicsKings Comics
They have an amazing collection, and this is supported by incredible staff knowledge of the collection.  It is a model for libraries to look to.  I know it is different, but not so different in some ways.  The readers advisory elements are the same.  I know it is not about reading everything, but library staff should have good to excellent collection knowledge, across all formats and tools, and know who the other subject experts are in the organisation.

My recent experience at Kings Comics was excellent, and I will be returning soon to find some more reading.  Comics are an area I find difficult to choose.  I enjoy the format as there are some incredible storytellers and artists at work.  It is a format which works very well as ebooks, and some are even amazing on smart phones.  Kings Comics is making me think about the paper/e option because my last experience of visiting in person was so great that I want a repeat experience.  I learned about comics from a reader perspective (not mentioning my work at all), from staff who are also comic readers.  So much of how they were talking with me (it was quiet so there were two staff who could talk with me) was straight out of readers advisory training.  It was lovely to see, and I had two new comics.

I will be going back to discover some new comics to read.

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