Monday, June 4, 2012

apple advisory information instead of readers advisory information

I saw this recently

and it struck me as an interesting variation on readers advisory work, but this time it was apple advisory work.  It was teaching me about apples in an interesting and quick way.

The following image makes it more obvious what the apple rating scale is, tangy or sweet. I thought this seemed like a way of encouraging people to try different kinds of apples, but I also thought you could have a lot of fun with scales like this for reading ideas.
Opening the book has done some work around this kind of idea, on a now dead website with some literary fiction titles which was interesting, but restricted to certain reading types and including no non-fiction, graphic novels and so on.

I like the simplicity of the apple banner. It was clear to read and looked classy. I would be interested to hear from libraries who have been trying this kind of promotion.

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