Thursday, August 4, 2011

Desert Broom Library, Phoenix Public Library, Arizona

Desert Broom Library is another impressive library in the Phoenix Public Library system.  The Desert Broom Library was designed with a great big verandah on one side so that there could be large windows with a view.  Large windows need shading in the Arizona climate.  The dense landscaping also helped provide some shading for the building as well.

View across to Desert Broom Library
This next photograph shows the entrance to the library, the very beautiful bars which are used to define space, and the wall of glass which is well protected by a deep verandah.
View of entrance walk way -  Desert Broom Library
This photograph shows the enclosed outdoor space, looking out.  I visited on a warm day, and the temperature in the shaded outdoor area was very pleasant and people were using the space for reading and computer use.
Outside space at  Desert Broom Library
The mesh shown on the right of this next photograph was soft and mobile (I accidentally bumped into it).  It was not a rigid surface, but provided a visual divide not a hard barrier.  The library featured colourful, comfortable seating and was being visited by whole families as well as individuals, to enjoy the space, services and collections.  The library spaces were being very well used.  The self check units were in constant use from people borrowing from the collection, and there was interesting library programming.
Looking across  Desert Broom Library

This rippled shelving may have been designed to reflect heat hazes in the desert, or simply because it looked great.  This was the side of the library with low windows.  You can also see some of the very interesting roof detail.  The ripples on the roof seemed to reflect the movement of some desert animals.
Shelving and seating -  Desert Broom Library

You can see the whole set via the embedded slideshare, or follow this link to read the descriptions of the photographs.

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