Monday, August 22, 2011

Arabian Library, Scottsdale Public Library, Arizona

Arabian Library was the first of the Scottsdale, Arizona libraries I visited.  The library has a dramatic entrance and it reminded me of a canyon, but also a giant snail, and you walk into the shell or the canyon.   It is an unusual building to walk into with a strong sense of drama in the design.   It was also very welcoming so the design was not intimidating, and it was also very practical for the climate.
Signage for library entrance - Arabian Public Library

It was really cute that children could measure their height in horses in the Arabian Library (this feature was repeated in the other horse named branch libraries)
Height measurement (done in horses) - Arabian Library

The children's collection had lovely descriptions for the titles which were shelved in the area, they were subject descriptions, and they were whimsical and meaningful (there are quite a few more photographs of these in the photostream)
Seuss on the loose - subject headings in children's area - Arabian Library

You can look at the slideshow below, or follow this link to read about the photographs.

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