Sunday, August 28, 2011

Civic Center Library, Scottsdale Public Library, Arizona

The Civic Centre Library in Scottdale, Arizona was telling everyone who came to the library that they were the readers choice for "best library" in 2010.  This was a great promotion as it was impossible to enter the library without seeing this banner.

"Best library for 2010" - Civic Centre Library, Scottsdale
The young adult area was being well used (despite this photograph), there was electronic music being created and you could hear this when you walked into this space.  It had a glass wall really really clearly letting people know this was the young adult area with signs on it.
Seating and summer reading promotion, youn adult area - Civic Centre Library, Scottsdale
There were two fancy saddles in the local studies area, and they were part of the collection.  The local studies area had a very good looking collection, and space for doing research. 
Amazing saddle in the local studies section - Civic Centre Library, Scottsdale

You can look at the slideshow below for more images, or click this link to read about the photographs as well.

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