Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Agave Library, Phoenix Public Library, Arizona

Agave Library in Phoenix, Arizona is described by Louise Schaper May in Library Journal as one of the new icons in public libraries.

Agave Library - sign

When you are driving (walking or cycling) up to Agave Library this sign stands out blocks away.  It helps build a sense of excitement about visiting this library because this is a very dramatic library sign.  The sign is also welcoming, because you are coming to the library, this building which is making a statement is open to you, for free.  You can borrow items, you can use databases and other online resources, you can participate in library programming, use computers, collaborate, read...the list really goes on and on.  This amazing, beautiful space is yours, and it would be an incredible library to have as your local library.

Ceiling and computer area screening - Agave Library

Parts of the interior have an exposed, industrial look (as you can see in the ceiling here), and this works really well.  There is great use of colour (such as in the non-rigid divider), with seating, and with this shelving (below).

Resin shelving - Agave Library

It was great to see agaves featuring in the landscaping (reflecting the library name)
Agaves at Agave Library

and lovely outdoor spaces for the library as well
Outside sitting area - Agave Library
The library was obviously very well used, with people using the spaces in many different ways.   I visited the library shortly after it opened for the day, and already many people were making use of the spaces, and there was a packed children's event in progress. 

For some areas I did not take photographs because of the number of people using the library (as I did not want to intrude on their experience of their space - I was being a library tourist, this was their library).
Looking through the library - Agave Library

This is one of the most exciting libraries I have ever visited, because of how people were using the spaces, and because of the space and design.  It was a very beautiful library and it was a highly functional library.  It is one of several exciting libraries which I visited (while on holidays) in Arizona. 

Have a look at some of the photographs I took when I visited this very popular and well used library. 

You can see the whole set of photographs I took (or you can look at them here to read the descriptions as well).

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