Friday, August 12, 2011

Palo Verde Library, Phoenix Public Library

Palo Verde Library is a new library in an older area of Phoenix.  It is in the same complex as a leisure centre.  The library was packed with people the afternoon I visited it.  I did not take photographs in part of the library as there was no way I could do this without being totally intrusive.  It was great to see the library so well used.  It is another really lovely library in Phoenix.

This photograph shows the drive by returns area and window which you can use to talk to library staff, without leaving your car.  It is a lovely colour.

Book drop and drive by window at Palo Verde Library

A three step reading program was being promoted.  This was a Phoenix wide program to teach children to read and was targeting parents of small children.
Reading promotion - Palo Verde Library

This shows the sky lights in the library - it was lit this way, and the light levels were impressive.  I had not realised they were skylights as they look like lights.  This is an interesting design feature.  The flying book sculpture is at the entrance to the children's collection and service area.
Lights - Palo Verde Library, Phoenix Public Library

This was a lovely library and my photographs do not do it justice.  You can look at the slideshow below, or follow this link to read about the photographs.


  1. Ellen ~ I just stumbled on your blog and was so pleased! My name is Alexis and I am with the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library. We are a nonprofit membership and volunteerism organization that supports Phoenix's public libraries, like Palo Verde and Desert Broom! I guess I'd just like to invite you to get involved as you clearly love your libraries and appear to be local. You can find us at or alexis @ Cheers!

  2. I am not a local, but I would really like to be because of the very beautiful libraries you have in the Phoenix area. I was able to visit the libraries while on holidays earler this year, and I planning to visit them again when possible.