Thursday, August 18, 2011

#whodoneit reading for July

This month started with rereading two Brent Weeks titles, Shadow's end and Beyond the shadows.  They were an amazing reread.  I also read his new novella Perfect shadow which was really impressive.

Other reads included:
  • Frances Hodgeson Burnett The secret garden - a stories of garden providing connections
  • staying up to date with The Mongoliad - this is great reading
  • Minette Walters' A chameleon's shadow - a good challenge to assumptions 
  • Paul de Gelder No time for fear - reminded me of why I don't read biographies, but I finished it
  • Peter Lovesey The house sitter - provides a different slant on the Rime of the ancient mariner 
  • I listened on e-audio to Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly - it translates well to this format - I did not want to stop listening, Jason Chaser Hovercar race, and Hell Island (I really was having lots of fun with the e-audio)
  • Dorothy L Sayers A busman's holiday mixes romance and crime
  • Douglas Hulick Among thieves - not so much shades of grey as shades of charcoal
  • Jesamyn Ward Salvage the bones - a setting and character dominated novel set around Hurricane Katrina
  • Quintin Jardine Thursday legend - some gruesome moments
  • Summer  of unrest Tom Chatfield - an account of recent world events and a discussion of the role of social media
  • J K Rowling Harry Potter and the deathly hallows - a speed re-read after watching the final film
  • kept up to date with New Scientist, and Jamie
  • also read lots and lots of blog posts and tweets
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