Monday, September 5, 2011

Mustang Library, Scottsdale Public Library, Arizona

Mustang Library, part of the Scottsdale Library system had impressive staff desks for helping with roving reference.  The desks were signed info/search with the info part for staff and the search for the public.  There were a few of these throughout the library and they were a very effective way of making opac accessible and signaling staff assistance.

Search / Information space - Mustang Library, Arizona

Mustang Library played with its name in the art works in the library.  These mustangs racing across the bring wall, and trying to break free from it are just one of the many horse themed works of art on display.
Mustangs racing across the library wall - Mustang Library, Arizona
The exterior of the library played with traditional designs giving them a new form.  It was also very practical as part of the area provided a shaded bike rack (a really good idea in Arizona's climate) and another part gave outdoor seating options (also shaded).
Outside Mustang Library, Arizona
This was yet another really impressive library in Arizona. 

You can look at more photographs of Mustang Library, below, or follow this link to be able to read about them as well.

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