Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The #readit2011 theme for June was #goreads - as I was travelling during my holidays I read much less than usual.  Each of the books I read had traveling as part of their themes, but rarely in an orthodox way.

Brent Weeks The way of shadows was a stand out read - it was the second time I read it, but if anything I enjoyed it even more this time around. I really enjoy the way Brent Weeks drags you quickly into a story and then won't let you go. His writing is very dark, but it is filled with resilience, and the characters are encouraged to not give up hope, but also to seek to change.  His characters choose to act to make the best of the often very difficult circumstances they are faced with.

The two recipe books I read, Susan Nowak The beer cook book and Gumbo shop by Richard Stewart are great reads and I am already having lots of fun trying out recipes from them.

The rest of my reading was:
  • Mark Billingham Lazy bones Murders done for revenge - traveling about London
  • Clyde Lindsley Death of a mill girl Mill town killing with sinister links - New Hampshire, Ireland and New Orelans
  • Tony Hillerman Shape shifter Does personal justice have a place for police outside the law? Arizona
  • Margaret Coel The eagle hunter Exploitation and killing - Colorado
  • Victoria Thompson Murder on Bank Street Lies lead to murder - New York
  • Barry Maitland The Marx sisters Wonderfully twisting - London
  • Patrick Larkin The tribune - Corruption in the first century - Middle East
  • Quintin Jardine Thursday legends - Are the footballers really the link? Not for the squeamish - UK

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