Saturday, July 16, 2011

Workplaces, stories and creativity

I recently read Sunken treasure by Wil Wheaton.  The whole book is an amazing read, but I just want to focus on part of it, the Criminal minds production diary.  This account provides some great ideas about what makes an effective, high performance, creative and enjoyable workplace.  This chapter highlights the importance of teamwork, collaboration, creativity, openness, generosity, respect, organization and fun.  The success of television programs like Criminal minds is that they are very effective collaborations, and even with big name stars, it is not all about them, but about how everyone working together can produce an excellent piece of drama.  Collaboration is effective as it produces very exciting outcomes.

It is also great to read Wil Wheaton’s account of having to settle in to an established work place quickly.

The Big Outline

So, go and read Criminal minds production diary (a version of this can be found on Wil Wheaton's blog) and be inspired about effective, creative and collaborative work places as Wil Wheaton describes things far better than I can.  Think about what changes you can make in your work place to increase the importance of teamwork, openness, generosity, respect, organization and fun in a high performance work place – and do something about it.

Read the rest of Sunken treasure as well – just for fun.

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