Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thirty days of libraries

Espoo Library Finland
I will be participating in blog every day of June #blogjune I will write about 30 libraries I would like to visit. I am selecting 30 libraries outside of Australia, they are not in any order. There are many more libraries I would like to visit, both inside Australia and in the rest of the world. The selected 30 libraries are are ones which I have seen pictures of, heard about through word of mouth, podcasts or videos or read about. Some of the libraries are imaginary. The libraries I have selected are not meant to be representative. but are simply some of the many amazing libraries around the world. I could have done a list of thirty libraries I would like to see in the Netherlands or Denmark with no other countries included. Most of my posts will be short, or even very short.

The first library, actually a group of libraries, are the public libraries in Finland. You can look at the statistics here, there was a recent article about the value of libraries in Finland and another about the success of public libraries in that country.


  1. Geez! This sets the bar way too high. I don't think my posts will be nearly as cerebral as this.

  2. Fabulous idea for your 30 days - I look forward to seeing your choices :)

  3. They will mainly be pictures with a few comments - I just needed a way to focus on the thirty days

  4. and there are many more than thirty libraries I would like to visit.