Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hogwarts Library

Hogwarts Library is described as a recognisable library, with some hazardous books in the collection. It is a key part of the story telling of the Harry Potter novels as people (mainly Hermione) seek to find out information. The library in Patrick Rothfuss' books would also be fun to visit.

Another library to think about is that described by Mel Odom in The rover, The destruction of the books and Lord of the libraries. In these the librarians have a key role of content creator, they are curators of content as well, but they also create, going to great lengths at time to do so. This could be a good role model for us (see writing by Mal Booth about this as well).

We have key roles as content creators and co-content creators but sometimes it seems we are reluctant about this, and we should not be.


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  1. And the Hogwarts librarian does a lot of shush-ing....