Thursday, November 12, 2015

Where photographs end up...

I tripped across a Storify of photographs I tweeted from a tour of the Library at the Dock, in Melbourne.  The tour was after the Library stars seminar in 2014, and as I was there for work, I tweeted the photographs - so I could share what I was seeing.  I put photographs on my Flickr account when I take them in my own time.

If I am there for work they may go on one of the official work social media accounts, or if they aren't going to go there they are like these in the Storify, reporting on a seminar I went to (and not into my Flickr account).

Think about how you share the photographs you take. Are you happy for people to re-use them?  If so, make them easy to re-use.

This post came to my attention (thanks to an rss feed incase of scary things being said) as did this onethis onethis one, and this one.  These last photographs are from my Flickr stream (and so are taken in my own time).

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