Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some nice features in spaces for children in public libraries: part 1

This post is a collection of interesting features from library spaces for children.

Koelbel Library, part of Arapahoe Libraries had the children's area refurbished and added some acoustic treatments (the blue and white noodle like attachments to the ceiling).  I think these look sculptural, and rather lovely. They apparently work very well too in deadening sound.

children's space - Koelbel Library
Koelbel Library, have the pull out drawers (also at other Arapahoe Libraries) to help children explore books for themselves. This is really showing thought for your library clients.

shelving - children's space - Koelbel Library
The collection is organised in a way which makes sense to children - note the animal sign
shelving - children's space - Koelbel Library
This photograph shows another  example of the same classification - at Southglenn children's space - Southglenn Library
Anythink Wright Farms had trees in the children's area
children's space - Anythink Wright Farms
and a lovely outdoor space for play and learning
outdoor seating - Anythink Wright Farms
The Anythink Libraries had prompts for play and thinking, like this one at Anythink Brighton
draw my summer - Anythink Brighton
and Anythink Perl Mack (although this was for anyone to connect to)
building with noodles - Anythink Perl Mack

This shows some of many lovely ideas.  There will be more posts on this theme.

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