Thursday, November 26, 2015

Desks at services points, and roving services

This has been an interest of mine for many years because it is about taking the services to the clients.

Library 21C had small desks encouraging staff to rove

staff service point - Library 21C, CO

Arapahoe Libraries at Koelbel had small desks, also to enable roving
staff service desk - Koelbel Library
service desk - Smoky Hill Library
They were also making it easy for their clients to find things
find - Southglenn Library
At Anythink Brighton service desks are also compact
staff service desk - Anythink Brighton
As are the ones at Anythink Wright Farms
service desk - Anythink Wright Farms
Denver Public Library had signs about roving. They were working with an older, large building and this is one way to inform clients about what is possible, as they staff will not always be visible.
how to contact staff when the staff are roving - Main Library, Denver Public Library, CO

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  1. Great to see proactive solutions to maximise customer service!