Monday, August 3, 2015

My review of Global megatrends

Global Megatrends: Seven Patterns of Change Shaping Our FutureGlobal Megatrends: Seven Patterns of Change Shaping Our Future by Stefan Hajkowicz
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This is an excellent book bringing together global trends. It shows there is hope for changes, but that changes have to happen soon, or the outcome will have no hope. Interesting reading this non-fiction when have inadvertently been reading a lot of catastrophic fiction, A helpful contrast. It is a highly readable book. This builds on earlier research done at CSIRO by the author and others. This is acknowledged in this book.

The megatrends are factors to consider when planning, scenarios of possibilities which you can choose to take action on, hopefully seeking positive outcomes for many people. This is a useful books to read for simply thinking about your own life, but it is also very valuable for thinking about change in your workplace and community.

It brings together some persuasive data, and ideas.

To quote from the book
"My philosophy is that wiser choices begin with imagination. We can seldom look at the future and tell someone the best thing to do. But we can explore, describe and imagine. And thereby create a pathway to better decision making."

"The authors observe that reduced death rate achieved by volunteering was almost as effective as other preventative health measures such as topping smoking"

"The future we create tomorrow hinges on the decisions and actions we take today. What we want is for people to make rational decisions and wide choices. We want people to understand change, set objectives and choose wisely. Moments of freefall happen to you, your company, your society and the world. That's assured. It's not whether change will happen, but when and how you respond."

Reading this book also, yet again, reinforced the huge value of the research done by CSIRO, and the problems caused, or not solved, by the continued cuts to this organisation.

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