Thursday, August 13, 2015

Libraries and bees

I first saw bee hives at Salt Lake City where they were/are on the roof top of the library, but visible inside.

Library bees - Salt Lake City Public Library, Main Library, Utah

I have also seen them at Anythink Perl Mack as part of the community garden,

bees - Anythink Perl Mack
Anythink Wright Farms, also as part of the community garden

bees - Anythink Wright Farms

and Robbins Library, on a closed balcony.

bee hives - Robbins Library, Arlington MA
They also had a display downstairs, about the bees, and the partnership with the local bee keepers.
Robbins Library, Arlington MA
Cornell Library has digitised some important work about bees.

There are probably many more libraries with bees.  I really like this development, as it has an educative and environmental approach.  It would be lovely to see more libraries with bees.

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