Monday, August 17, 2015

experiments with Flickr uploadr

In late May I experimented with Flickr uploader as another way to back up my digital photographs.  I already have two portable hard drives as back up and thought a cloud based solution could be interesting to try.  It was. It took a few days for the photographs to upload as there are lots.  It was impressive, they were just being vacuumed off the hard drive, and yes, it was scary too for exactly the same reasons.  When new images were added, from different devices, they were uploaded too, and they continue to be.  The default is for private, and most of these images will not be made public.  It made it very easy for me to make image public if I chose to (for example the photographs of libraries I take in my own time).  Creating sets, adding tags and so on worked the same as when I was previously uploading the images.

The extra storage is handy.  There are lots of options for looking at them.  I would like the option to clearly sort by public and private, but that may happen.  I really enjoy the option to refine by colour in search.  I would like easy rearrangement of sets - it may simply be that I have to invest time in the rearrangement, and will have to investigate this further. I have renamed some of the sets so that it is clear to me when I am logged in what is public and what is not.  There is still some work to do on this, and does help account for some of the strange set names which appear (in public).

There is a "magic view" of images which sorts by what it thinks the image is about (this did have problems early on but these seem sorted).  This is a fun way of looking at images as it brings supposedly like together, but as it is computer sorted there are some foibles like arches in rock in a national park being linked to arches in a building. I am still exploring this, but it is encouraging me to look at some of my photographs differently.

I am also enjoying the updated statistics feature in Flickr.

Overall it is going well for my purposes.

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