Thursday, August 7, 2014

Skill sharing

I came across this site by Michele Carragh recently, about embroidery.  Unfortunately I did not record the referring site).  I found this site interesting because she is obviously really skilled in what she does, it is her income, and still she shared information so that you can also create dragonscale.    I liked the sharing (I am not an embroiderer), because it does not reduce her income, and yet she did not need to do it.  She was being helpful.

I felt there was an analogy to libraries.  Just because I can sew a little does not mean I will be able to produce her level of product/artwork.  So we still need people with her skills, like in libraries, we share our skills and knowledge, but we still need people with advanced skills and knowledge - an increasing the skill of everyone rather than a deskilling of professionals which can sometimes seem to be happening (because "anyone can do a Google search").  Michele Carragh is an amazing artist, but still she shares her tips and methods, exactly like a skilled librarian helping someone learn how to search, or improve their searching skills.

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