Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Science Museum tours on twitter.

This came to my attention because I follow Medium, and read this article about Museum tours on twitter by Will Stanley.  It is a good idea to read the article before reading this post.

The Storify is beautifully done, because it records the twitter tour and it bring the comments about it to the stream as well, highlighting the conversation.  I like the use of the Science Museum twitter account, and that the curator being identified as leading the tour.  This is lovely.  This could be done for so many local studies events and location.  Imagine tweeting a walking tour, so that someone could do the tour by following the tweets or be able to able to see the tour without being there.  It would be great to highlight collection items, the way the Science Museum has. It would also work well for local festival (to help record them for local studies).

Have a look at more of the use of Storify from the Science Museum.

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