Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"You can't force art" or writing? Really?

I have just read an excellent post by Chuck Wendig called "you can't force art".  Follow the link to his post before you read further.  The post by Mr Wendig is nsfw.

I had been thinking about doing more writing, to improve it.  It is an area I struggle with, so reading this post today reminded me that I have to work at it.  I knew this, but the reminder still helps.  Mr Wendig is talking about creative writing, but I am going to apply the skills to my writing which is library related.  I have not sat around waiting for inspiration (as that would rarely work), but I have procrastinated (which is not quite the same thing), so I will be working on reducing my procrastination as well as increasing my writing.  When I work regularly at writing, it does work.  I write more, and I think about writing more, and it helps my ideas in a whole range of areas.  This is not so much about the report writing and other writing I do at work as part of my work.  This is more about papers, and blog post ideas.

This does not mean there will be a blog post every day, but there may be a few more.

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