Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mapping reading

I have just found out about this website, called Placing literature : where your book meets the map.  I really like (as in really really like) the concept.  I have a minor quibble with the name, but that is all.  I will assume that the setting location of any novel can be mapped (not just works of fiction which are described as being literary or as being literature).  I think it would be great to see all the urban fantasy mapped against the location it takes place in.  We need Chuck Wendig mapped in New York, and Paul Cornell in London.  We also need Anne Gracie's romance titles mapped in their various locations, and Cassandra Claire and Jennifer Crusie showing up as well.  I have not checked the map in detail for these, and all the sites I have looked at so for fit in "literary", but I would hope that works by these authors would be welcome.

I have noticed that some non-fiction is being mapped as well - Pepys diary has made its way in (but maybe that is a clever comment about diaries being our own personal fiction?)

It is a great site - and a big thank you to the people who have created it.

View International Crime Fiction Map in a larger map

Another mapping of location is the International Crime Fiction map (via @cfwriter).  So this might mean if you are mapping crime fiction you may want to include it on both maps.

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