Sunday, August 25, 2013

The knitting reference library at the University of Southampton

The University of Southampton library includes the Knitting Reference Library.  It contains collections gathered by Richard drug, Montserrat Stanley and Jane Waller.

You can find out more about it from the library web site.  It includes some digitised works, so could be of interest to library clients doing knitting related research, 
or looking to explore heritage knitting in a different way.  They also have a blog. It could be interesting 
information to show any knitting groups who meet in  your library.

Capel Garmon natives I came across this information while reading Rowan 54.

Reading about this reminded me that many libraries, for reasons of legal deposit, or historic collecting practices  would contain materials relating to knitting, crochet and woodwork, but these were often not receiving the same publicity, except rarely, as many other digitised materials.  I really liked that the University of Southampton is valuing this part of the collection.

The newspapers on Trove Australia can also be a useful way to research knitting.There is knitting research and discussion about knitting research taking place, and these online resources help.

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