Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A few thoughts on The dysfunctional library: challenges and solutions to workplace relationships

The Dysfunctional Library: Challenges and Solutions to Workplace RelationshipsThe Dysfunctional Library: Challenges and Solutions to Workplace Relationships by Jo Henry
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This is a useful book to help you describe how dysfunctional the library you work in is (if your library is dysfunctional). The authors provide ways of exploring this, and of working to decrease dysfunction. They start with the individual library worker providing advice about how to explore one's own level of disfunction. They encourage an outward looking focus, and highlight the importance of professional development.

They make effective use of research and highlight work being done in a range of libraries (and provide these references to follow up). This book is about encouraging library staff, and then libraries to be the best we can be, working well with each other, and for our communities. Being proactive and planning is important as is professional development for staff. Good leadership is important, but it must be the right style of leadership.

This may not be a book to read cover to cover, however, it has some very useful information as well as reference to follow up for further reading.

I am trying to increase my professional reading, which I usually do as commute reading, but have been working from home since late March.

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