Monday, August 31, 2020

thinking about time - a post for #glamBlogClub

Strangely I thought I was out of time to write this post.  Yes, I should be doing something else with my time at present but am choosing to use my time this way.

I suggest you spend five minutes look at 367 Collins St Falcons (there are two eggs) or you could watch Sea-EagleCAM4 (there are two youngsters) or enjoy penguins in the evening (and make sure you read Virginia Trioli's post which includes information about the Peregrin Falcons and penguins).  There is information in all these links. Please also choose to use some time enjoying Peacock Spiders 🕷 (there are lots more videos of them).

I have been encouraged by the way many libraries have been spending this pandemic time serving their communities in different ways, and while only some libraries are mentioned here it is great to see that part of the wider story is being told. You may make time to read this research NSW public libraries - the COVID-19 response (put out by my work place).

Take time to explore the British Library sound archive and think about how you are (or aren't) recording sounds in your community. Are you recording the sounds of your community?

Take time to be excited by the coming Horror Writer's Association's Librarians Day as you can participate as it will all be online (information and link to register is here).  You also have time to anticipate this as it is on in November.  I am genuinely looking forward to this. There may still be time to register for one of the Summer Workshop Series on Anti-Oppression and Oral History from Columbia University (information and link to register is here).

I am out of time to write this post, and if I had taken more time to write it, it would have flowed better.


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