Monday, July 3, 2017

I will be participating in #glamblogweekly or #libblogweekly or whatever the hashtag is

I made it half way through #blogjune and then did not blog for the rest of the month. I really enjoyed reading the blog posts from others.

At the end of the month I read this post by Kathryn (so make sure you head over and read her post now).

I am viewing #glamblogweekly, #libblogweekly  (or whatever the hashtag ends up being) as an encouragement to blog, and work on writing and communication skills, rather than a threat.  I have lots of deadlines in the rest of my life which have no flexibility, so the choice and encouragement of blogging once a week will be viewed as a choice and an encouragement.

I have set up my calendar alerts, to remind me to write posts. I am not going to guarantee to write a post every week - since I did not manage every day of June this year.  Some weeks will be photographs with little writing.  I look forward to seeing what blog posts are written by others participating in this.

Happy blogging.

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