Thursday, June 8, 2017

readers' advisory - it is about the client and not you

I know this is a tough idea for some people to understand. I still hear people 'recommending' and not suggesting titles.  There is a really big difference.

Becky Spratford has a great series on her blog which is a Call to action which makes vital points about readers' advisory skills in public libraries. I would suggest reading all of Becky's blog at RA for all, and RA for all horror are there are great ideas which you can use straight away at your library.

Start by reading this post Call to Action: Allow People To Dislike The Books You Suggest and go on from there.  It is about the client and connecting them to something they may enjoy (and not your latest read, not matter how much you think they may like it).  You want to encourage them, and not scare them.

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