Thursday, June 1, 2017

back for #blogjune in 2017

I missed #blogjune last year.  It was my first year back at part time study while working full time, and I could not manage it, but...this year I am going to try.

I will probably look at games, readers' advisory work, local studies and whatever else takes my fancy.

That is where this photograph fits in.  I took it while the police car was parked, and I think that this is the reason for the social media promotion - to be read while the car is parked.  If you were reading it while driving along, you would be too close, and would have to be the passenger and not the driver.

So, think about how you let people know your library is on social media.  Do you make it possible to find out about this when library vehicles are out and about - or do you expect people to guess?

Happy #blogjune.  I look forward to reading what other people are writing this month.

Police and social media


  1. I always find these kinds of signs a bit like "send me a letter via the Post Office" or "look up our website" - halfway useful and lets me know that the recipient is open to contact, but I would really like to know the adddress/profile name that I can contact them on...

    Or, it is possible, maybe I am out of step and it is so easy to search and find these days that people don't give it a second thought? I use Twitter a lot and avoid Facebook, but would it be more useful to add more detail? It is such common practice these days that maybe people are quite fine using their own resources?

    1. I agree that often they should have more detail (as sometimes they are not easy to find), but with organisations like the police they are easy to find - although it would have been nice if they included their handles. I think it is a case by case basis, and organisations should always test out how easy they are to find on social media (and not by people experienced in social media use).