Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What I wish they taught me in GLAM school for #GLAMBlogClub

This is a tough question.  It has been many years since I qualified as a librarian and there have been changes in workplaces.  I studied cataloguing as part of my qualifications, and my first job was as a cataloguer.  What I learned in my course was useful for this, but, it would have been useful to have been thinking more broadly about cataloging and metadata at that time, and to have been encouraged to think more broadly about these areas.  I still think learning about cataloguing and metadata is important.

Areas like local studies and readers' advisory work were not addressed at all, neither were programs.  There are important areas for public libraries, and have relevance in other library sectors as well.  It would have been helpful to have these areas explored as well.

There is a need for proactiveness in our personal learning.  We will each be interested in different things, or will need different information/knowledge.  Learning is active and continuous, through out our lives, and we will need to explore different methods of learning, and of obtaining information.  I appreciate when other people share what they learn, as I can also learn from this.

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