Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Craftivism discussion, on video and with lots of links

While this is a long video to watch, it is a very interesting discussion.  It is one to give time to, and to see the different ideas, tensions and cultural differences.  It also demonstrates an extended hangout, and could be a method of programming to consider for a library.

Hearing this discussion is a reminder to think about how people are collecting for their libraries.  What craftivism and activism books/dvd/streaming have you added?

Is there collecting for local studies? Denver Public Library put a call out for collecting material from the local women's march, and various museums (including Fuller Craft Museum) are also collecting in this space.

Have a look at the analysis of twitter from the women's march in Washington, and some additional resources to explore for craftivism.

Has your library connected with local craftivists?  Don't forget groups like the knitters for Wrap with love.  There are many ways to connect with, support and record these communities.

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