Monday, February 1, 2016

The cat that ate the candle and the ewe with the crooked horn from Europeana sounds - music in libraries

The cat that ate the candle and the ewe with the crooked horn post appeared on the Europeana blog, from Europeana sounds. Go away and look/listen to this blog post before reading on.  You might like to explore Discover Rap music in Portugal with the project RAPortugal 1986–1999 as well.

Europeana sounds, at a national/international level, is doing what public libraries need to do locally - make people more aware of music and local audio, as well as collect and preserve it. I have written about this before.

Europeana sounds highlights the need for local collecting of music. Think about it in your library as a way of recording information about the community for local studies.  What music is being played now?  Capital City Records from Edmonton Public Library is an excellent example of local music collecting for a public library, for local studies and for current use.

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