Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Library staff as part of the story for local studies

Carolina Panthers Pride
photograph thanks to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
These photographs show some library staff, from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library,  in North Carolina, showing their enthusiasm for their local team.

West Boulevard Panthers Display
photograph thanks to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
The have combined a colour themed display, bringing in readers' advisory services

The library of iCam
photograph thanks to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
as well as a photograph showing library staff out in a public situation with other fans. These photographs are recording some aspects of the library, potentially for the local studies collection, as well as what the community is doing, again for local studies.  It is also possibly marketing as to shows the library taking part in community events.

Toronto and Kansas City Libraries took a different approach (see this news article for more information) to show their support for local teams.

These examples all all show the importance of sport in local studies collections as well as libraries participating in key local events.  Great work by these three libraries in connecting to their communities in creative ways.

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