Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How easy is the social media to find on a website?

Do you make it really easy for your clients to find all the social media streams your organisation is active on?  Can they be found online?  Can they be found in your library?

Tate has a great list of all their streams (and there are some lovely ones to follow).  You can read Tate's digital makeover transforms the traditional museum,  for background.

NASA helpfully brings their social media together,

Seattle Public Library via their @SPLBuzz account tells us that it is
The official Twitter channel of The Seattle Public Library. Have a question? Ask here or go to .
 Helpfully prompting asking a question.

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  1. Anonymous09 June, 2015

    Wow - the NASA social media page is awesome.
    It makes complete sense to have a dedicated place for your online visitors to learn how to engage with you better.